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E. Edward Reitman, or “Dr. Ed”, as he is affectionately referred to by many of his patients, has been a practicing clinical psychologist for over 40 years. He has not only maintained a large, successful private practice, but is well known in Houston, Texas (the fourth largest city in the U.S.) As a media personality, he is frequently asked by the major network television stations to comment on the psychological implications and effects of current news events, both on the community and on individuals alike. Click here to read more...


Recent article from 10/23/2014
Do You Love Me?
John is a man of few words. He sits back and listens. He hears everything, but, outwardly, that would be difficult to discern. In fact, if you were married to him, you would probably accuse him of tuning everyone out, living in his own world, and being unemotional. At least those are the words that his wife, Joyce, uses when describing him. In contrast, Joyce wears her feelings on her sleeve. She is quick to anger, easily hurt or offended, and too often interprets the actions and words of others as depreciatory and critical. On the surface, it would seem that these individuals are totally opposite. Their behavior certainly testifies to that fact. But, in truth, they are emotionally exactly the same. They are both needy individuals who are constantly on guard emotionally. John by being invisible with regard to his feelings and thoughts, and Joyce by pushing people away in order to protect herself from being seen, and to avoid caring and later being disappointed or let down. As you might conclude, they live together similar to two porcupines: very carefully. About the only thing they agree on is that their spouse doesn’t love or appreciate them. Let me recount a portion of their last therapy session together. Click here to read the rest of the article
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