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E. Edward Reitman, or “Dr. Ed”, as he is affectionately referred to by many of his patients, has been a practicing clinical psychologist for over 40 years. He has not only maintained a large, successful private practice, but is well known in Houston, Texas (the fourth largest city in the U.S.) As a media personality, he is frequently asked by the major network television stations to comment on the psychological implications and effects of current news events, both on the community and on individuals alike. Click here to read more...


Recent article from 9/11/2014
Fix Your Own Clock
The Thompsons called early in the morning and insisted they be seen for an emergency appointment. Fortunately, a patient had called earlier to cancel, so I was able to accommodate them. When they arrived, Mary had been crying. It appeared as though she’d had very little sleep the previous night. John, on the other hand, was quiet and sullen and appeared to be feeding his own anger. Each insisted they be heard, and that the other not interrupt them. Neither complied with the other’s wishes. When Mary tearfully interjected that John’s account was lacking in truth (she called it a lie), he adamantly stated, “It’s my turn. You’ll get yours after I’m finished.” His tone was threatening, and demeaning. Her reaction was to retreat and to cry more forcefully. When they were finished telling their sides of the story, it boiled down to the fact that he had responded to an email sent by the female half of a couple who were to visit them the following weekend. In her email, she stated that she had lost seven pounds, was going to the gym on a steady basis, and that she was really proud of her achievement which, she added, was noticed by her husband, who complimented her on her svelte body. John’s response was, “Wow! We look forward to seeing you this weekend.” Click here to read the rest of the article
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